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PerfectPark™ Automated Parking System Benefits


1. Versatile and Cost Effective

Atomated Parking Solution Underground

The PerfectPark™ Robotic Parking System can be installed on a footprint of only 5000 square feet. Traditional underground parking would be impossibly expensive on such a footprint. Even a factor of 3 or 4 times more space is still considered to be an expensive underground parking solution by traditional methods. Another important point to consider is that only a fraction of the 5000 square feet required to build the silo needs to be visible from above. (See above picture for an example). We believe that the cost to install and operate a PerfectPark™ System is less than traditional underground.

  • Only 5000 sq ft footprint required
  • Suitable for developments with severe space constraints
  • Allows for more square footage to be developed
  • Costs less to construct and operate than traditional underground

2. Aesthetics

Automated Parking System Aesthetics

Let's face it, Parking Structures are typically not the most inspiring of buildings. With a PerfectPark™ system the architect is free to create developments that are more pleasing to the eye. Apart from small ingress and egress lanes the surface is free for grass, benches, small trees and even water features. Who knows, you might want to go down to the "Parking Lot" for an hour to relax and read. We could all do with a bit more greenery.

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3. Environment

PerfectPark™ has many environmental benefits
If you are looking to obtain Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points for your new development, please contact us for an analysis of qualifying LEED points when using PerfectPark™

  • Eliminates ALL parking exhaust emissions
  • Ability to operate from alternate energy sources
  • Contributes to LEED points
  • Reduces Heat Island Effect
Environmental Parking

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4. Safety

Statistics show that 6% of assaults, 5% of rapes, 13% of robberies and 25% of vehicle thefts occur in parking structures. In almost 20 years of European operation, no crimes have ever occurred in one of our systems.

  • “Car Vault” protects vehicle and its content
  • People do NOT go into Parking Structure
Safety in PArking Structures

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